Upcoming Shows

As a leading expert in the candle and fragrance industry, Embraced by the Light Candles is excited to announce our upcoming shows. These events provide a unique opportunity for customers to experience our high-quality candles and car fragrance air fresheners firsthand.

At our upcoming shows, you will have the chance to explore our wide range of delightful fragrances, including Thankful, Celebration of Life, Spirit, Plumeria, Baby Powder, Good Ole Vanilla, and Papi Chulo. Each fragrance is carefully crafted to elevate the atmosphere in your car or home, creating a sense of relaxation and tranquility.

Our team of experts will be on hand to guide you through our product offerings, providing valuable insights and recommendations based on your preferences. Whether you are looking for a soothing scent to unwind after a long day or a refreshing fragrance to invigorate your space, we have the perfect candle or car fragrance for you.

By attending our upcoming shows, you will also have the opportunity to take advantage of exclusive promotions and discounts. We believe in providing exceptional value to our customers, and these events allow us to offer special deals that you won't find anywhere else.

As an industry leader, Embraced by the Light Candles is committed to delivering the highest quality products and customer service. Our candles are meticulously crafted using premium ingredients to ensure a long-lasting scent that fills your space with warmth and beauty.

Don't miss out on the chance to experience the magic of our candles and car fragrance air fresheners at our upcoming shows. Stay tuned for more details on dates, locations, and how to secure your spot. We look forward to welcoming you and sharing the joy of our exquisite fragrances.